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As a leading Jumbo Bags Manufacturer & Supplier in the industry, Dazi Plastics utilizes only the best materials present today on creating durable bulk bags that strictly comply to stringent industry and global market standards.

Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags Product List

Cross corner loops

Cross corner loops



Spout Top / Spout Bottom

Spout Top / Spout Bottom

Duffle Top / Spout Bottom

Duffle Top / Spout Bottom

Open Top / Spout Bottom

Open Top / Spout Bottom

Spout Top / Flat Bottom

Spout Top / Flat Bottom

Duffle Top / Flat Bottom

Duffle Top / Flat Bottom

Open Top / Flat Bottom

Open Top / Flat Bottom

Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags Advantages

Packing, Transparent, Stock well by using quality Jumbo Bags. Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags Manufacturer catalog offers an extensive line of reliable and durable Jumbo Bags that is perfect for you.

100% Virgin PP

Made by 100% virgin polypropylene raw materials. Jumbo Bags are strong, durable, cost-effective, reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly,

Easy Use

Jumbo Bags designed feature eight reinforced tramlines composed of additional stacked, heavy grade, UV treated polypropylene interwoven into the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container fabric. Tramlines reinforce stress areas where straps are sewn. Circular bags sport stand-open cross-corner lift loops that allow an operator effortless fork time entry.

Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags Advantages

Custom Designed

Dazi Jumbo Bags can be custom-designed to handle a huge variety of products and applications for virtually unlimited possibilities. Such as U-Panel, 4 panel or circular design, -Single, double, 4 loop, stevedore, tunnel or specialty loop design - Type A, B, C or D antistatic

Cost Savings

The labor cost per container is typically reduced when Jumbo Bags are used. And Jumbo Bagsallow users to save time and money by having an easy-to-store and transport solution for their packaging.

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Why Choose Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags Manufacturer & Supplier

Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags always focus on Quality, thoroughly inspect each production process to ensure the quality of Jumbo Bags to reach international standards are upheld to ensure we deliver a premium product at the best value to our customers.

With over 14 years of growth in the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers business, Dazi Plastics Jumbo Bags enjoy a high reputation in the area of Europe, North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East, etc.

Customer Support

24/7 online customer support, helping you solve any problem with our products.

Service Coverage

Dazi Plastics operates globally. We cover different regions from the USA, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and more.

Delivery Guarantee

With well-trained workers and 3 modern factories, Dazi Plastics is able to support high volume orders and guarantees to deliver your products at the required time.

Quality Guarantee

100% in-house production and meticulous full product inspection will be conducted to ensure the high standards are met.

Customized Solution

Full-service packaging supplier. FIBC Bags can be produced in any style with options to satisfy every customers’ requirements.

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